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Chapter 00 Overview


Skrewball Whiskey

When the owners of a restaurant combined two of their favorite classics - peanut butter and whiskey - it quickly became the restaurant’s signature shot. And they knew it was too good to keep from the rest of the world.

00 // Overview

An unlikely duo has been born. A whiskey that’s never been done before.

The Problem

About ten years ago, the owners of a local San Diego restaurant called OB Noodle House created something that’s never been done before by mixing peanut butter with whiskey. It quickly became the best selling shot with millions of dollars in sales annually and the lightbulb went off that they could make something bigger out of the product. They came to Movetic to bring the product to the market with the hopes of becoming a globally recognized brand but didn’t have the tools to create an identity for the unique whiskey shot.

The Approach

With a whiskey mixture so uncommon, our team at Movetic knew we needed to craft an extremely unique story and identity for the brand that spoke to a distinctive group of individuals. This group is made up of the ones who stray away from the traditional things in life – better known as the misfits, the rebels, and the outcasts. When Skrewball approached us with the vision for the brand, we knew we could take it up a few notches. We interviewed 20 individuals of different ages and backgrounds who have all tried the infamous peanut butter and whiskey shot.

After conducting further research by studying the liquor and fine spirits market, we took the time to carefully identify key areas that would separate Skrewball in an overly competitive marketplace and we knew we couldn’t risk positioning it incorrectly having a high barrier to entry product.

chapter 01

chapter 01

Identity + Voice + Touchpoints


We had a blank canvas to develop a cohesive brand that spoke directly to a certain sub-group of individuals. The ones who tend to stand out within a culture and are often referred to as the “black sheep” of a group who isn’t afraid to be different. A rare, fearless breed of an individual who loves to stand out in a crowd.

At Movetic, we always do an in-depth exploration and evaluation. All of our creative decisions are backed by an ample amount of data to bring the best and most unique results. For Skrewball, we created a powerful brand system that is rooted in bold aesthetic, uplifting and candid imagery, and strong messaging specifically tailored to the specific target market.

chapter 1.1


  • // Logomark
  • // Logotype
  • // Color Palette
  • // Typography
  • // Identity Design

The Skrewball identity was inspired from the true meaning of the word. We sought out to create something that would represent the oddballs, misfits and black sheeps of society.

The Skrewball logomark is comprised of a main graphical logo and a secondary realistic logo. For the graphical logo, we focused on the intricate facial expressions of the sheep accompanied by the oozing texture of the liquid. The dripping liquid from the sheep represents the four legs of the sheep and the coloring can be a solid color or represent the combination of peanut butter mixing with the whiskey. The realistic logo was created inspired by an image of an actual sheep and designed with interchangeable textures and patterns to represent the individualism of a Skrewball.

The Skrewball logotype was designed to have a very modern and new aged look. We focused on making the type clear and readable on the label, but added a custom flare to the “W” to emphasize that it is not your average whiskey. The unique W letterform falls directly in the center of the logotype to give it a feeling of perfect symmetry and balance.

The brown, tan and charcoal hues in the Skrewball color palette are pulled directly from actual color samples of peanut butter and whiskey. We applied this colorway to the main graphical texture for the brand with a dripping combination of liquids to represents the fusion of the two substances, which has never been done before. Other subtle textures like grain, static, and grit are also used to magnify the feeling of misfits and outcasts of society.

chapter 1.2


  • // Tagline
  • // Living Lines
  • // Brand Manifesto
  • // Toast

The best brands communicate with their customers as opposed to speaking at them (known as pull marketing). A keen understanding of your demographic combined with powerful storytelling causes a deeper connection with your customers and makes your brand stand out against competitors.

We crafted unique personalized messaging for Skrewball to directly relate to the lifestyle of individuals who dare to stand out. We focused the messaging around those quirky individuals who break away from social norms who dance to the beat of their own drum. Our main focus was to create a unique, memorable story that aligns with what Skrewball represents. To take it even further, we created a brand manifesto for Skrewball drinkers to stand by and a toast to sing along to at bars and restaurants. Both of these are to commemorate friendship while you’re experiencing Skrewball out and about with your closest friends.

chapter 1.3


  • // Business Cards
  • // Bottle Design
  • // Apparel
  • // Poster Designs
  • // Shot Glasses
  • // Vendor Flyer
  • // Menu Insert

Our team developed a set of tangible items that have the same rebellious spirit and emotions that Skrewball represents. To maintain consistency throughout the brand, we used the combination of all the key elements that make up the strong brand identity: custom logo, textures, and color palette.

In the alcohol industry, package design is a huge part of the overall branding process. We wanted to make it stand-out from other whiskey bottles whether it is in a bar or on a shelf in a store. As opposed to the vintage whiskey bottle look – where the majority had natural worn texture to the label – we went for a more minimalistic layout on a stark white label with hints of gold foil detail. We also designed a custom sheep step and repeat that is used consistently across their touchpoints as a key branded element. For this specific industry, it was important to design apparel, business cards, posters and shot glasses, venue flyer, and menu inserts – all to further increase the brand awareness of Skrewball.

chapter 02

chapter 02

Design + Development


We strategically designed and developed four key pages to make up the Skrewball website. Aside from the home page, we created the “Our Story” page to educate new visitors about the brand DNA, the “Locations” page is for people seeking the nearest Skrewball shot, and a “Drink Recipes” page for the adventurous drinkers who want to experience Skrewball differently. Since our target market primarily online, we integrated Instagram on the home page through a brand-specific hashtag (#GetSkrewed). The entirety of these pages offers a new experience for users to connect with this newly established brand. For the website design strategy, we aligned the same “misfits” ethos to the imagery, the messaging, the dripping textures and grainy animated backgrounds, which are seen throughout the website.

chapter 03

chapter 03



In a recent study, 65% of consumers stated that quality images are more important than product descriptions and we decided to take advantage of this for the Skrewball branding. Our team conducted a lifestyle photoshoot to capture the essence of the brand with images capturing the wild and carefree lifestyle of Skrewball.

Not only did we capture the vibe of people enjoying Skrewball in bars, but we also wanted to highlight the beautiful scenery of the place where Skrewball was created, San Diego. From roaming the streets to jumping off cliffs, we were able to capture a wide array of content for the website, social media platforms, and all of the collateral. On top of this, we created product specific imagery for our strategic online and offline partnerships (great for PR) and a set of entertaining GIFs that highlight the uniqueness of the Skrewball tribe who stand behind the brand. Our photos have been featured in the following publications: Esquire, Fortune, Delish, Menshealth, The Manual, and the San Diego Reader among many others.

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Awards and Statistics

The Results

American Advertising Awards (ADDY'S)
Gold - Package Design
Skrewball Whiskey
American Advertising Awards (ADDY'S)
Silver - Photography
Skrewball Whiskey
American Advertising Awards (ADDY'S)
Bronze - Copywriting
Skrewball Whiskey
American Advertising Awards (ADDY's)
Gold - Branding
Skrewball Whiskey
American Advertising Awards (ADDY's)
Silver - Branding
Skrewball Whiskey
Eye on Design - Package Design Feature
Skrewball Whiskey
Year Type Organization Description Project
2019 Award American Advertising Awards (ADDY'S) Gold - Package Design Skrewball Whiskey
2019 Award American Advertising Awards (ADDY'S) Silver - Photography Skrewball Whiskey
2019 Award American Advertising Awards (ADDY'S) Bronze - Copywriting Skrewball Whiskey
2018 Award American Advertising Awards (ADDY's) Gold - Branding Skrewball Whiskey
2018 Award American Advertising Awards (ADDY's) Silver - Branding Skrewball Whiskey
2018 Article AIGA Eye on Design - Package Design Feature Skrewball Whiskey


We are featured in over 10,000+ restaurants & bars, and marts across the U.S.


This beverage is sold and enjoyed in all 50 states across the U.S.


Major Retailers: Walmart, Safeway, CVS, Vons, Trader Joes, Ralphs, Publix, and many more.


We had four photoshoots for the brand.

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