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Chapter 00 Overview


San Diego Aviators

The San Diego Aviators is made up of men and women professional tennis players who compete in a fast-paced, entertaining tournament over the summer.

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Summer nights just got a lot better With the only professional tennis team in town.

The Problem

The San Diego Aviators have had success in the elite World TeamTennis league over the past several years. However, the San Diego Aviators establishment wasn’t being clearly communicated or promoted to sports fans and needed help leveraging the brand.

The San Diego Aviators came to Movetic because they wanted to communicate the story behind the organization – while realigning the existing brand – in a full 360-campaign. The campaign focused on telling the correct story of the team while highlighting the event’s unique value propositions. Our Movetic team mixed our traditional and digital expertise to show people why they should attend this one-of-a-kind event.

The Approach

Every good campaign has a unique promise of a campaign name and an art direction, which spearheads all the marketing initiatives to ensure consistency and uniformity. Our team knew we had the tools for long term success, but wanted to enhance the Aviators’ brand and make it more professional. At the same time, we wanted it to be more cohesive.

We came up with a strategy that helped identify the in’s and out’s of the brand and found out what people liked and didn’t like about it. The main focus was to clearly identify exactly who the San Diego Aviators were as an organization and what they brought to the table. Movetic came up with a strategy that excelled in longevity and is endlessly proactive as well. Not only that, but we wanted to create and build an ecosystem of sponsors to represent the Aviators and would appeal to new and existing fans.

chapter 01

chapter 01

Identity + Voice + Touchpoints


For the San Diego Aviators, we developed a two-part approach to this project. First, we realigned the brand identity of the sports team San Diego Aviators to gain a deeper understanding of who they are and what they represent as a team and an organization. As part of the second phase, we dug into the event and researched what draws people to attend. Like all of our projects, we believe in setting a strong foundation before any meaningful work begins. After our research, interviews, and analysis, we developed a 2018 campaign theme to generate awareness and capture new markets and people to create excitement and engagement leading up to the event. We used powerful messaging, video, and eye-catching design to spread the word all around San Diego, online and offline.

chapter 1.1


  • // Aviator’s Brand Identity Realignment
  • // Campaign Art Direction
  • // Campaign Color Palette
  • // Campaign Branded Elements

After realigning the San Diego Aviators’ brand, we created a unique campaign based off the idea of Juxtaposition. By definition, juxtaposition is two things being placed closely together with a contrasting effect. We used this focus in a few different areas of the campaign. We paired the untraditional style of a tennis match (loud, exciting, fast-paced) with scenery from a San Diego lifestyle (the feeling of relaxing on the beach surrounded by palm trees and the sound of crashing waves). We wanted to remain true to the tennis heritage by using a vintage look and feel with modern pops of color (light blue, tan, and the Aviators’ classic red coloring).

From the overall look and feel to the photography style, juxtaposition was our focus throughout the project with San Diego Aviators. It was important to have clear, powerful messaging that communicated the San Diego Aviators’ story and brought the same exciting feel as the event does. We created an identity that is flexible and scalable and enables us to quickly illustrates the originality of the San Diego Aviator’s traditional and digital touchpoints.

chapter 1.2


  • // Campaign Tagline (Tennis Amplified)
  • // Consumer Messaging
  • // Sponsorship Messaging

Since the San Diego Aviators event is very unique from traditional tennis events, we needed to highlight and communicate the fast-paced, loud and energetic vibe of the matches. This idea became the cornerstone of our campaign.

The goal of the messaging was to be consistent with the unique style of the identity. We focused on punchy and powerful messaging throughout the entirety of the campaign and ensured the messaging communicated the positive energy of the event. It was extremely important to continuously emphasize that the Aviators’ event isn’t a typical match and that it’s a summer long event with live music, food, and drinks. San Diego Aviators isn’t just tennis. It’s tennis amplified.

chapter 1.3


  • // Pre-Event Collateral
  • // During- Event

All of the touchpoints we designed for Aviators used the same art direction throughout and mixed retro elements with the juxtaposition concept to draw in our target audiences. Our goal was to make people look twice when they see our signage or material to make people want to dive deeper into the event and learn more. This included rack and business cards, banners for tennis clubs around town, billboard, fliers, magazine ads, on-site graphics, and much more. All of these touchpoints created more awareness, buzz, and hype around the event.


  • // Sponsorship Packet
  • // Rack cards
  • // Schedule card
  • // Car Magnets
  • // Banners
  • // Billboard
  • // Themed Night Flyers
  • // Magazine Ads


  • // Program
  • // Apparel
  • // Coasters
  • // Check Presenter
  • // On-Site Graphics (Playersboards, Vinyl, Entrance Banners)
  • // Scoreboard graphics
  • // VIP & Season tickets
chapter 02

chapter 02



Staying true to the Aviator’s brand and vision, we refined and enhanced the “About Us” and “Sponsorship” pages on the website to reflect the new style of messaging to maintain consistency and to effectively communicate what the event has to offer. We also enhanced the user experience by making an ample amount of simple development changes to increase conversion rates throughout the website. The redesign of the pages was a part of the initial effort to realign the brand. We used the same fonts, red overlay, and existing look and feel. Lastly, we use the slider on the home page to create more engagement on the website and to increase awareness for the event.

chapter 03

chapter 03



Our team designed a suite of graphics for the main social media channels of the San Diego Aviators. We designed graphics for the sponsors, partners, musical acts, and key brand ambassadors. Additionally, we built and managed a comprehensive paid advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram to focus on increasing brand awareness and generating ticket sales. We created all the creative during the campaign and a huge bank of assets to A/B test our creative to measure effectiveness. We also created countdown GIFs, canvas ads, carousel, single images, and video ads.

chapter 04

chapter 04



We wanted to capture the atmosphere of the San Diego Aviator events through different types of mixed media. With the lifestyle photography and product photography, we were determined to show the excitement and energy of one of the events. We wanted to make it feel as if you could almost hear the crowd cheering through the photo. For this event, we worked with a local photographer to execute our vision, while taking some images ourselves.

For the promotional video, we used consistent patterns and highlighted the key value propositions through the combination of modern music, titles, and strategically chosen video clips to give the end-user a sample of what to expect when attending this event.

Awards and Statistics

The Results

American Advertsing Awards (ADDY'S)
Bronze - Integrated Campaign
San Diego Aviators
American Advertsing Awards (ADDY'S)
Bronze - Online/Interactive Campaign
San Diego Aviators
American Advertsing Awards (ADDY'S)
Bronze - Outdoor Billboard
San Diego Aviators
Year Type Organization Description Project
2019 Award American Advertsing Awards (ADDY'S) Bronze - Integrated Campaign San Diego Aviators
2019 Award American Advertsing Awards (ADDY'S) Bronze - Online/Interactive Campaign San Diego Aviators
2019 Award American Advertsing Awards (ADDY'S) Bronze - Outdoor Billboard San Diego Aviators


week campaign for the 2018 season


impressions generated (digital & traditional)


digital channels. (Facebook, Instagram, Google)


likes, comments, shares


avg. session duration


ecommerce conversion rate


print pieces


billboards designed & executed

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