Reaching New Heights of Powerful Collaboration

We’re excited to introduce you to three new Movetic team members. Two are undercover graffiti artists, one braved a moped ride to get stitches in their face in Bali. Can you guess who is who?

March 31, 2023


Three New Squad Members

Get to know each of our new faces through their passions, what ignites their inspiration, and what our motto, “Stay Moving”, means to them.

Michael: Graphic Designer

Michael illustrates our craziest imaginations. Outside of the hours of 9-5, he is a seasoned expert in World of Warcraft with over a decade of quests under his belt. Those who enter his home get free admission to his top-notch collection of fossils and rocks. When he’s not designing, gaming, or collecting, you can find him on an exploration of new hikes and thrift finds. He expresses his creativity through graffiti (but we’re hoping you don’t find him there).

We asked what Movetic’s motto, “Stay Moving”, means to him. He shared, “If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place.” To him, the slogan means “always learning and evolving.” The root of his inspiration is “traveling, trying new foods, and meeting new people”. He’s a firm believer that life starts outside of your comfort zone. “Fully immersing myself in new experiences is how I stay learning, stay creative, and stay moving.”

Bailey: Brand Copywriter & Strategist

Bailey is a copy composer and a brand visionary. She loves traveling around the world and capturing beautiful moments with a camera and pen (or a keyboard, but that doesn’t sound as cool). Unable to commit to one hobby—but always feeling alive—she surfs, does yoga, boxes, skates, and hits an occasional gym sesh. 

She finds meaning in life through learning, growth, and adventure. Bailey believes “trends move fast in the modern age—we have to find the inspiration to consistently move faster”. She shared, “‘Stay Moving’ describes the way I challenge myself to tell meaningful stories that break through the noise. It symbolizes my dedication to striving for the best for myself, my team members, and our partners.”

Kristin: VP of Business Development

Kristin is our venture accelerator. She was a closeted graffiti artist, until this moment. Give her a board and she’ll ride it—waves or snow. Catch her traveling, camping, and participating in philanthropic endeavors.

Life imitates work. She’s gotten to collaborate with “extraordinary creatives and athletes in the surf, skate, and snow industry”. Though she’s a California girl at heart, she “had a torrid love affair with New York City, always being drawn to the energy of passionate people building meaningful diverse brands that have impact and purpose”. She collects plane tickets and passport stamps. “‘Stay Moving’, to me, celebrates our everyday mindset at Movetic to build great brands and make creative visions come to life”, she shares. She’s a stan of the Einstein quote “to keep your balance, you must keep moving”.

Excited about what’s next

We’re super stoked to welcome new members to our collective of creators! We know the extra energy and ideas they bring will take us to the next level. We really appreciate your encouragement on our journey and can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to.