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Chapter 00 Overview


TOCA Football

Through passion and genuine respect for the game, TOCA saw a window of opportunity to make the game even better. They are on a mission to ensure soccer players, of all ages, find their best.

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Pairing technology and meaningful experiences to create the best soccer players nationwide.

The Problem

TOCA came to Movetic because they wanted to establish themselves as a premium brand nationwide. One that promises soccer athletes a personalized, technology-driven and authentic sports experience. With such a strong vision, they analyzed every consumer touchpoint and realized TOCA’s digital presence was not meeting the in-person experience. Therefore, they sought after Movetic to create a strong look and feel that aligned with their business objectives. They recognized in order to be competitive and unique, they needed to create a strong, trusted and aspirational brand that aimed toward helping soccer players find their absolute best. Forming meaningful connections with consumers – both online and in-person – was a top priority for TOCA. So, it was time to get our hands dirty and create something truly special for soccer players around the United States.

The Approach

Because of this problem, our team knew the solution was to redefine the art direction, revamp TOCA’s website, and put together a strategic gameplan. One that would focus on creativity and technology. As a core first step, we worked with TOCA’s team to refine their messaging and imagery as a way to lay a roadmap for all things visual and verbal surrounding the TOCA brand. To help lead TOCA through this digital overhaul, we partnered with their existing vendors: Handsome Rabbit for video content and Hugh for photography.  This was to ensure we captured the true brand essence of TOCA. Our ultimate vision for this project was to create one unified TOCA experience that was easily shown across all touchpoints – from the website to the training facilities.

chapter 01

chapter 01

Design + Development


We designed and developed a website that became TOCA’s core ecosystem for all things marketing and sales. This digital solution was created to help their core team operate more efficiently, as well as provide them with all the necessary tools to be flexible with the growing demands of their business. To manage tasks such as opening a new training facility to pushing out press releases and analyzing customer data, TOCA needed a portal where they could make changes on the fly without coding experience but still uses and integrates the latest technology. All of which helps saves TOCA Football on development costs long term. From Salesforce to Shopify for E-Commerce (in-store and online), MailChimp for email capture, and powerful emotion-driven messaging and visuals, we developed an end-solution that works for the whole TOCA team.

chapter 1.1


  • // WordPress CMS
  • // Salesforce Integration
  • // Shopify E-Commerce
  • // Mailchimp Automation
  • // Training Facility Locator

As a first impression with the brand, our main goal was to digitally bring TOCA’s vision to life through a home page experience that aligned with the different buyer personas: youth, amateur, professional, and trainer. Then, we created location specific pages for each TOCA facility where we highlighted the amenities, core location-specific programs, and used photography to showcase the in-person experience and also to highlight the trainers at TOCA. We created a rich landing page for the TOCA Touch Trainer (the brand’s most in-demand product) with strong messaging and video content to help articulate the value of the product and a contact form integrated with Salesforce.  All of these efforts were strategically developed with local search and advertising strategy in mind.

chapter 02

chapter 02

Creative + Digital Advertising


Upon completion of the website, the next phase was aimed to amplify the brand online. Through the creation of an omnichannel strategy, we designed and created ads that were used throughout static ads on Google and multi-media focused ads on Facebook and Instagram. We created targeted and location-specific promotions to increase brand awareness, as well as drive the sign-ups and revenue for the brand.

chapter 2.1


  • // Facebook Advertising
  • // Instagram Advertising
  • // Google Advertising
  • // Ad Design

Our campaigns were localized by design in an effort to send targeted traffic to each training facility. By driving people online to sign up for a free training session on TOCA’s website to targeting soccer enthusiasts who were searching “soccer training”, “private coaches”, “improving soccer skills” and to people who had a general interest in soccer, we were gaining market share, region by region. We also created brand consistent ads through designing a mixture of single image, video, carousel, text ads, and retargeting ads. All of which helped increase conversion rates as well as visually articulate TOCA brand’s value.

Awards and Statistics

The Results

CSS Design Awards
Special Kudos, UI, UX, & Innovatio
TOCA Football
Year Type Organization Description Project
2018 Award CSS Design Awards Special Kudos, UI, UX, & Innovatio TOCA Football


B2C sign-ups per month


impressions per month targeting with 10 mile radius


achieved target CPL goal


Training Facilities and Growing


Photo & Video Shoots

Go Ahead, Keep Going.
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