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Chapter 00 Overview

Mixed Media

Sunday Scaries

For the majority of us, Sundays uninvitedly bring a fear of a new work week. Sunday Scaries offer a range of CBD products that encourage you to “chill the f*ck out so you can enjoy life.” Because Mondays may be monstrous, but they don’t have to be scary.

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The Problem

Sunday Scaries approached our team looking to step up their content game all across the board. They were lacking a diverse selection of youthful, fun, and creative content for all things social media, specifically their instagram account. They hired us to capture high-quality lifestyle and product photography for the Sunday Scaries product lines. These product lines included Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies, Sunday Scaries CBD Oil, Vegan AF Gummies, YOLO Shots, and FOMO Bones.

The Approach

Our team knew exactly how to tackle the problem. Working closely with the Sunday Scaries team, we continuously worked with selected various brand ambassadors, influencers, and passionate Sunday Scaries enthusiasts to schedule photoshoots. There were a total of six photoshoots around San Diego county to capture a mixture of lifestyle and in-studio photos to diversify the Sunday Scaries content. These photos are currently being used on Sunday Scaries’ website, social media channels, and across a multitude of online advertising channels.

chapter 01

chapter 01

Lifestyle + Studio + Mixed Media

Sunday Scaries

Our first Sunday Scaries photoshoot was held in none other than in San Diego, where we captured authentic content that resonates with the adventurous and humorous lifestyle that embodies the kindred spirit of Sunday Scaries supporters. From Pacific Beach to North Park and Torrey Pines, our goal was to capture a wide variety of content in the main outdoor spots that represent San Diego and why we all love this city. Our second shoot was heavily focused on capturing natural moments around the house. In the afternoon, we shot a pool party and the high-energy experience that goes down during the outdoor festivities. We decided to incorporate the furry monster hands in our shoot because it meshed well with Sunday Scaries’ neon scheme. No matter what people say – everyone is anxious about Mondays.

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chapter 02

chapter 02

Lifestyle + Studio


Are you in need of a midday energy pick-me-up? Well, Sunday Scaries offers YOLO shots to do just that. During our second round of photoshoots, we were hired to capture images for the special release of Sunday Scaries’ YOLO product. For this shoot, they had specific needs to take photos that captured the “pick-me-up” vibe this product embodies. Whether you’re studying at SDSU, pregaming at CRSSD, or taking shots out at SideBar, a popular nightclub in San Diego, CA, we wanted to carefully illustrate some of the places that this product would thrive. These photos were sent to all the influencers to post on their instagram channels as a way to amplify the brand and help successfully launch the new product line.

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chapter 03

chapter 03

Lifestyle + Studio

FOMO Bones

For our last shoot (and definitely not the least worthy – we’re big dog people over here), we worked with their brand, FOMO Bones. A CBD dog brand that highlights the modern term “FOMO”: fear of missing out. Like the Sunday Scaries brand, FOMO has a lot of personality. Our job was to capture the lighthearted, youthful, and playful personality of Sunday Scaries. We did studio shots then hit the streets of San Diego with dogs and their owners and it’s safe to say, we had a good time bar hopping, coffee shop chilling, and roaming around the beach and downtown scenes.

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The Results


Photos in total


Photoshoots to-date


Different locations in San Diego, CA


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Go Ahead, Keep Going.
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