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Chapter 00 Overview



Two ambitious sisters shared a vision to create a suite of wine-specific brands to focus on empowering women and giving back to the community. Who doesn’t like supporting local and global charities while enjoying wine
wherever you are?

00 // Overview

Two ambitious sisters shared a vision to influence good.

The Problem

Lauren and Rachel, two extremely talented sisters based in Los Angeles, CA came to Movetic to revamp and elevate one of their existing brands, Sugar Momma, and to help execute an idea for a second wine brand called Influencer. With Sugar Momma, they needed a complete label redesign to clean it up and give it a more modernized feel. For Influencer, Lauren and Rachel had a vision for a contemporary new wine brand and needed help bringing it to life. Ultimately, the sisters knew it was time to step up their game.

The Approach

The Movetic team created a strategic game plan to tackle the label redesign for Sugar Momma as well as bring the vision for Influencer into fruition. Our goal was to maintain the separate identities for both brands, while remaining true to the empowering and inspiring nature of Lauren and Rachel. With Sugar Momma, it was important to keep the free-spirited and inviting aesthetic of the brand and with Influencer, we wanted to capture the inspirational visionary spirit that the brand represents.

chapter 01

chapter 01



Since Sugar Momma already had a foundation for the brand, they looked to us to modernize it and take a more clean, minimalist approach to the packaging with a label redesign. From creating a unified color palette to establishing a standardized look and feel to producing media for Sugar Momma, we were excited to level up this brand getting it ready for stores Nationwide.

chapter 1.1



The Sugar Momma identity is a delicate combination of very contrasting look and feels. The Bold, uppercase Conduit ITC in stark black exudes what a wine company should communicate: confidence and seriousness. Paired with accents of pink and red along with a delicate pattern of iconography brings in the delicate feminine touch. These two feelings paired together give a unique one of a kind impression that communicates the brand’s tagline, “We are sisters on a mission”, while having a good time doing it.

chapter 1.2



When designing the Sugar Momma bottle, we created four feminine and delicate custom icons which were then used to create a pattern that visually expressed one unified identity. Those custom icons sit subtly behind the brand name, creating a visually exciting look and feel that’s not too overwhelming. These illustrate the lifestyle component behind the brand: clean, eloquent, minimalist, and modern. A raised gloss printing technique was then applied on the brand name to lift it up off the pattern and create additional depth. Lastly, the pattern was also applied to the top caps to match the label and create a unified feel.

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chapter 02

chapter 02



After we refined Sugar Momma, we moved onto their second brand: Influencer. With Influencer, we had to start from scratch by creating a brand new identity and a bottle design that is timeless and empowering in order to bring their vision to life.

chapter 2.1



The goal of the Influencer identity was to create a brand that was premium, inspiring, and modern. Something that women can aspire to be: a role model to “Empower, Educate, and Engage”. The Logomark is an extremely unique, single-weight portrait composition of a strong and powerful woman with long flowing hair and delicate roses interwoven throughout. We went through countless iterations on her facial expression to show the women’s caring and nurturing side.

For the color palette, we wanted to use something exceptionally modern and almost futuristic. We used beautiful gradient blends of pastel colors, almost giving a holographic feeling. Each wine type was assigned its own gradient, which is used as the fill for the wine name on the bottle. We chose an edgy display script font for the names called Starlit drive. It’s powerful, future-forward and confident, but also has a delicate feeling like all script types do.

chapter 2.2



For the Influencer bottle design, we wanted the label to stand out from all other wines. Something that feels very futuristic sitting on the shelves as opposed to the “aged” look that most wine bottles have. We chose to lay out the name of the wine very large right in the center of the label and filled with its assigned pale gradient.

The nature of the pale gradient works perfectly sitting behind the stark black logomark, which was applied with a raised gloss printing technique on the bottle. We wanted both these elements to be visible and readable without the composition being too overwhelming for a very delicate balance. The accompanying text on the label is a very modern and clean uppercase san serif called “Manrope3” that looks and feels confident. The label sits towards the bottom of the bottle allowing the vivid color of the wine showcase above and compliment the label. This creates a minimal and organized look and feel that contributes to the overall modern aesthetic.

chapter 03

chapter 03



For the lifestyle and product photography, the majority was shot for Sugar Momma and about a quarter of the content was for Influencer. With Sugar Momma, we did a photoshoot of an in-store experience that was a partnership for Charleston Shoe Co. then we headed to La Jolla shores for an evening picnic. We also got shots of women getting ready at an open concept apartment for a girls night, which was captured at the Herringbone La Jolla.

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Awards and Statistics

The Results

Bronze - Logo Design
Influencer Wines
Year Type Organization Description Project
2020 Award ADDY's Bronze - Logo Design Influencer Wines


wine brands for
their portfolio


photos captured during
the photoshoot


locations we shot at
for the photoshoot


people we worked
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