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Chapter 00 Overview


Paul Hardt

High-performance footwear for the service industry that combines state-of-the-art technology comfort and safety with impeccable style.

00 // Overview

A unique blend of sophistication and class. Built with you in mind.

The Problem

When Paul Hardt’s CEO, Austin Paul Degenhardt, landed a job in the food industry, he quickly realized the poor quality of the non-slip work shoes that were being offered to employees in the industry. Austin came to the conclusion that the perfect shoe didn’t exist… yet. So, he went on a quest to create a shoe line with all the necessary functions for the long, strenuous shifts. The shoes needed to be non-slip and water resistant and be made with high-quality materials so they’re comfortable (and stylish) to be worn all day and night.

After the Paul Hardt team found the perfect formula for the shoe line, they were having trouble finding the right team of designers to create a brand that represented the sophistication and professionalism of the company. After talking to a few designers who weren’t hitting the logo they had in mind on the head – and one ineffective 99designs project – Paul Hardt came to Movetic for help.

The Approach

What attracted the Paul Hardt team to Movetic was the fact that we are entirely collaborative and strategic with our branding process. Our team listened to all of the ideas for Paul Hardt, found out exactly who they are as a company and what the brand is about and came up with the perfect strategy.

In our process, we sifted through all the ideas from a high-level point of view and then we got more tactical with the vision to bring it all down to earth. We knew we wanted to create an identity for Paul Hardt that was unlike anything else out there and we worked closely with Paul Hardt team to bring their vision for Paul Hardt to life.

chapter 01

chapter 01

Identity + Touchpoints


When creating the identity, we wanted to keep express all of the characteristics of Paul Hardt in mind – such as timeless elegance and class – and wanted to find an identity that represented the culture and aesthetics the brand. When designing the Paul Hardt identity, we lived by the words the Paul Hardt brand represents: never settle.

chapter 1.1


  • // Logomark
  • // Logotype
  • // Color Palette
  • // Typography
  • // Identity Design

The identity of Paul Hardt holds the timeless sensibility and customization that the brand represents. The carefully crafted logo is a made up of a combined logomark and logotype and is a mixture of masculine boldness and feminine elegance. The logomark and logotype both focus on perfect and absolute symmetry with sharp, fine lines combined with flowing, organic lines to go along with the brand persona.

Color plays an important role in the Paul Hardt identity. The color palette is made up of maroon to represent the men’s line and a dark purple for women’s with black and beige to accompany the other colors. The pop of green is used as a decorative element and for pattern and brand symbolism.

chapter 1.2


  • // Business Cards
  • // Box Design
  • // Apparel Design
  • // Stamp

Our team developed a set of tangible items where people get to experience the brand first hand evoking a set of emotions. To maintain consistency throughout the brand, we used the same custom logomark, logotype, typography, and color palette of the brand’s identity.

For Paul Hardt, the touchpoints included business cards, box/packaging, apparel, and a custom stamp.

chapter 02

chapter 02

Social Media Strategy + Consulting


Social media is vital for a fashion-forward, direct-to-consumer company’s success in our modern digital-first economy. We set up a solid structure and infrastructure for the Paul Hardt brand to stay consistent and post daily content to keep their target audience engaged and entertained. By training the Paul Hardt team and creating a solid digital strategy, the company is now able to effectively display the Never Settle mentality through storytelling, high-quality photography, and visually-stunning graphics.

chapter 03

chapter 03

Lifestyle + Product


Storytelling continues to be a universal way to connect with individuals and it’s paramount for brands to take advantage of this. People are attracted to authentic, emotion-evoking photos that capture the true essence of a brand. We captured a diverse selection of images for Paul Hardt using the following categories: Never Settle lifestyle, textured images, and product shots. These photos are meant to be used across all brand touchpoints: social media, website, and sales and marketing collateral.

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The Results

American Advertising Awards (ADDY's)
Bronze - Branding
Paul Hardt
Year Type Organization Description Project
2018 Award American Advertising Awards (ADDY's) Bronze - Branding Paul Hardt
Go Ahead, Keep Going.
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