March 9, 2017

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A Reflection and Celebration of the Year 2016

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As we continually welcome and embrace the new year, we felt it was only right to look back and reflect on 2016.


2016 was a year of progression, growth, and key learnings. We challenged every project, from strategy to design, messaging to web experiences, and everything in between, ensuring originality, high-quality, and customer-centric solutions. Throughout the year, we had the pleasure of partnering with a wide variety of great companies in various industries and focusing on moving their brands forward.


This past Friday, we were honored to receive 7 ADDYs for our strategy, creative, and digital work. We also received two “Special Kudos” on CSS Design Awards for our Web Experience projects. Not to mention, Communication Arts, the premier source of inspiration for graphic designers, art directors, illustrators, design firms and essentially everyone involved in visual communication, picked us to be featured on their home page as their March web pick of the month — still in complete shock. (scroll down to see the complete list of awards)

› ADDY Awards, Silver // Online/Interactive > Mobile Websites, Gro-Tech Systems
› ADDY Awards, Silver // Elements of Advertising > Non-e-commerce Website, Gro-Tech Systems
› ADDY Awards, Silver // Video, & Sound > Self-Promo, Stay Moving – Movetic Brand Anthem Film
› ADDY Awards, Silver // Reimagining New Heights – Multiple, Online/Interactive > Social Media, Dew Tour
ADDY Awards, Bronze // Cross Platform, Online/Interactive > Cross Platform, Dew Tour
› ADDY Awards, Bronze // Reimagining New Heights, Online/Interactive
› ADDY Awards, Bronze // Online/Interactive > Mobile Website, CIO Executive Council
› CSS Design Awards, Special Kudos //  The Hettema Group
› 2017 – CSS Design Awards, Special Kudos //  Gro-Tech Systems
› Comm Arts, Web Pick of the Month // Gro-Tech Systems

These awards strengthen our philosophy of the power of embracing teamwork and close working relationships with our clients to develop custom solutions that meet their needs. It is imperative to note that these awards were earned with our partners and we could not be any more thankful for the mutual client-company working relationship. The constant support and belief we receive from our clients fuels our fire to continually create great work for great people. Also, none of this would have been possible without the daily encouragement from our family, friends, and partners.

All in all, as we take on 2017, we are excited to continually work hard, push through, and search for innovative strategies to craft custom solutions that move brands forward. 

Josh Roush

AUTHOR - Josh Roush

Josh Roush is a Co-founder of Movetic, where his expertise lies in brand strategy and digital marketing. He writes about branding, marketing, and company culture as it relates to pushing the limit in the new digital age.

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