August 4, 2017

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The New York Chapter

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It’s time to breakup with New York City. But let me tell you – it isn’t easy. It’s actually been one of the hardest decisions of our adult life. It’s one of those breakups where your head and your heart just aren’t seeing eye to eye.


I mean, it’s the most magical, thrilling, and fulfilling city to live in with a (culturally diverse) melting pot of driven entrepreneurs, struggling artists, CEO multi-millionaires, and everything in between. You’re surrounded by people who have places to go and they don’t want you to get in the way of their hustle. This city has an energy that is indescribable… and it’s addicting as hell.

But, there are days you forget your umbrella during a summer storm and as you’re running to the subway, you get (violently) honked at by a cab, slip down the stairs of the station, and get someone else’s iced coffee spilled all over your arm as you try to squeeze through the closing train doors. Which, of course, is followed by scoffs and nasty glares because you held up the train. Been there, done that.


But that’s New York City. It’ll kick you down to toughen you up then tug at your heartstrings just to remind you why you fell madly in love with this concrete jungle. The past two years have been filled with music and art, self-improvement, and an overwhelming amount of creative inspiration and strides in our careers. Now, we fully understand why people move to this city to make dreams come true.

We made sure to immerse ourselves in all of the endless music festivals, museums, breathtaking architecture, street art and we made a solid effort to experience everything that embodies this glorious city – all while eating food from literally all over the world. We’ve learned there’s no room for sensitivity on the streets, you can’t trust the weather app, and New Yorkers will wish bad karma on your soul if you dare walk at a slow pace.


But when all’s said and done, I truly believe everyone should live in New York City at one point in your life. Or at least make it a priority on your travel bucket list – if you haven’t already. So, here are a few of our favorite non-touristy things to do while you’re here so you blend right in with the locals. And below is a gallery of some photos gems we’ve captured during our time here.

PANORAMA, AFROPUNK AND MEADOWS FESTIVAL – After experiencing nearly all of the NYC music festivals, these were our favorites.


BROOKLYN BARGE – Amazing beer selection, good views and outdoor seating? What more could you ask for?


BUSHWICK COLLECTIVE – This collective of street art goes on for blocks and it’s surrounded by equally rad bars and restaurants.


PROSPECT PARK – You think Central Park is cool? Get lost in this one.


GOVERNOR’S ISLAND – take the ferry here, rent some bikes and cruise around the island to find the perfect Manhattan skyline-viewing picnic spot.


COLD SPRING – If you’re feeling adventurous, escape the city to visit this cute-as-hell, charming little historic town.

Mandi Dudek

AUTHOR - Mandi Dudek

Mandi is head copywriter for Movetic as well as a guest blogger and film photographer who writes about fashion, photography, and the adventures she experiences behind her lens.

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