November 8, 2017

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Getting to Know Movetic’s Marketing & Design Intern: Trent Haaland

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The Movetic team would like to welcome our new marketing and design intern, Trent Haaland, who caught our eye with his incredibly rad photography, along with his eager curiosity to learn about all things design and marketing.


Trent grew up in Oceanside – a little town on the coast of California – doing all of the typical activities a Southern Californian would do growing up: skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, baseball, soccer, etc. But as Trent’s website says, “Since his ambitious youth, he has always seen things in frames, observed shapes and shadows, and enjoyed capturing memories in the forms of photographs.” So, Trent took a photography course at his high school and his passion for photography was born.


After high school, Trent moved up north to attend San Francisco State University and work toward a bachelor’s degree. After two years, he made the move back to Oceanside and is currently attending Cal State San Marcos. We’re happy Trent found his way to Movetic’s inbox and we can’t wait to see what Trent is capable of.


I wanted to get Trent on the phone to find out more about his photography style, some of his favorite brands and his goals for this internship with Movetic.

I’m actually from the East Bay Area and lived in SF through college! So, I wanted to ask: Do you prefer San Francisco or San Diego?


Yeah, I definitely do miss the Bay Area. There’s so much more to do there and so much more to see. And since I shoot photos, I could literally go anywhere and find something new when I was in San Francisco. It was awesome.

Ugh, I know. I miss it, too. How’d you get into photography?


Actually, my freshman year of high school, I took a photography course and learned all the basics of a camera. And from there, I always had a camera by my side and took it everywhere. My first year of college, I got really into it because I met a lot of new people from the Bay Area and they taught me a lot about photography and editing and every little concept there is to know about the camera. It definitely helped me hone my skills a lot more.

Selections from Trent’s portfolio, pre-Movetic. Check out more of his work at

What kind of camera do you shoot with?


I’m shooting with a Canon – my preference has always been Canon, for sure. So, right now it’s a Canon 6D. My favorite are prime lenses because they’re so much easier to shoot with and very nice to travel with.

Oh, ok! What would you say favorite subjects to shoot?


That’s really hard because they always change. Up in SF, I loved the scenery and everything. But then I started getting more into lifestyle and portraits while I was up there as well. Just because, obviously, that’s where the money’s at. But it’s cool because with portraits – rather than taking a photo of one person all the time – you never know what you’re going to get because everyone has different emotions and different moods. So that kind of makes the photo itself.

I totally agree. I love shooting portraits, too. They’re so much fun.


And I mean, there’s so much more to them, too. You can go out and shoot a landscape and everyone can shoot that same landscape. But you can’t get the same person with the same emotion twice. Or in the same area or location.

Yup! Totally.  Do you have a city that has been your favorite to shoot?


Um, I think my favorite that I shot so far would have to be Portland. Or San Francisco, for sure. Those are my top two. That will most likely change once I travel some more though!

I can totally agree with that. Oregon has so many pretty colors – reds, greens, yellows. This time of year is so pretty, too. Where do you find inspiration for your photos?


Mostly it’s through Instagram. That’s where I find most of my inspiration and now that they added the ability to save collections, I can just bookmark people’s photographs and get inspiration that way by looking through them later. Whether I’m doing portraits or whatever, I can get a feel for what I want to do.

That’s another thing I wanted to bring up… Who are your favorite people to follow on Instagram?


There’s so many, gosh. I think one of my favorites is @samalive on Instagram – he’s a really good photographer from the Bay Area. Another one is actually one of my good friends – who’s been killin’ it lately – Daniel, it’s @dgsc on Instagram.

I’ll definitely have to look them up!


I love Daniel’s stuff because he does a lot of landscapes, but he also does portraits and lifestyle thrown in there every now and then. Which is what I like to do. But, I’m kind of on the opposite flow of that, doing more portraits and sometimes landscapes.

Would you say that photography is what you want to end up doing for your career?


I mean, I’ve always dreamt of making photography my main work aspiration but in all reality, I love everything there is to do with designing and creating. In my free-time, I’ll design cover art for my buddy’s DJ – for albums or tracks that he comes out with. But, I love getting on Photoshop and messing around and doing my thing. He loves when I come out with stuff so it works out. My major right now is business marketing and that’s why I’m stoked to be [at Movetic] because it’ll give me an idea and a feel for what I want to do and where I want to take myself in life.

So far, what’s your favorite part about working with the Movetic team?


I’d say it’s mostly the ability to oversee everyone and how it all comes together. Because obviously, with photography, there’s only one person doing that one thing. But when you see a designer or a sales guy who trying to sell what’s being designed – it’s really cool to be around it all and surrounded by creativity.

What’re you hoping to get out of this internship?


I want to learn more about the overall essence design and creativity because, obviously, there’s always something to learn. And I want to grasp more of, not just photography, but brushing up on my skills with Photoshop or Illustrator, making icons and graphics, and even helping out with website design and layouts. Just get more of a perspective on it all.

Yeah, you’ll definitely have some good guidance for all those things – especially with Andrew and Daniel on the design side. What brands would you say you admire most?


Some brands I really love are RVCA. They’re one of my favorites. Their style is pretty aesthetically pleasing. As well as Poler – I love their outgoing, nature vibe they always give out but they always tell stories with everything they do. Another one is Raen sunglasses, everything they do is super clean and, like Poler, they tell stories with everything they do and every little touch they put into it. It makes the product alive almost.

What’s your favorite piece of advice you’ve gotten so far in life?


The best piece of advice I’ve gotten so far is to not give up. When you do, you’re going to set yourself back. Instead, focus on what went wrong and make it a positive experience. Always keep pushing on.

What’re your goals for the next 5 years?


For the next 5 years, I’d like to get a handle on my career and focus on refining my skills with marketing so I can find my niche with what works and what doesn’t. On top of that, I’d like to travel a lot and explore all the places I haven’t been to yet.

We’re extremely excited to have Trent on-board and to add another creative brain into the mix. And as you can see, Trent definitely has an eye for photography. Follow Trent on Instagram @trenthaaland and be on the lookout for Trent’s contributions with the Movetic team.

Mandi Dudek

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Mandi is head copywriter for Movetic as well as a guest blogger and film photographer who writes about fashion, photography, and the adventures she experiences behind her lens.

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