September 25, 2017

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Capturing Moments during the Summer

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It’s crazy to think that the Summer has come and gone already. It feels like yesterday, I was grabbing my trunks and heading down to the beach to soak in the final rays to end out the workday. This year, more than ever, I have learned the value behind taking routine breaks, enjoying nature, and taking the time to lose yourself outside — whether it be on a hike or a solo mission. 


Being based in San Diego it is an obvious understatement, my team and I are spoiled. But, as amazing as this finest city is, we still enjoy dipping out of town to go on trips that inspire, spark new creative ideas, and ultimately gather fresh perspectives. Unbeknown to you, our team share the common interest of cultural events, spontaneous adventures, and intellectual conversations. Living our Stay Moving lifestyle keeps us progressing and challenging ourselves to better our craft.

Through the collection of our photos, we are excited to take you down memory lane – highlighting our favorite moments of the summer. Between trips to London, traveling up and down the California Coast, and jet-setting to Tokyo – it’s safe to say we gave it our all this season. 


As we cruise into fall, our team is full of energy and determination. Our hope is that you can spark a creative idea or two as you experience our summer memories. It’s time to end the year strong. So, we want to wish you the best of luck, and reach out if you ever need anything – we got you!! 

Josh Roush

AUTHOR - Josh Roush

Josh Roush is a Co-founder of Movetic, where his expertise lies in brand strategy and digital marketing. He writes about branding, marketing, and company culture as it relates to pushing the limit in the new digital age.

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