May 23, 2016

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World Travels with Jes Stockhausen

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Ever wonder what it would be like to travel around the world as a professional photographer? Well, thankfully we have our good friend Jes Stockhausen to live vicariously through. This week we are excited to share with you some of his absolutely breathtaking images as well as some knowledge he gained along the way. Wait no longer, scroll down.


“I like to define success as experience. In my eyes, travel and gaining new perspectives through experiences is one of the best things you can do in life. It opens your eyes to new landscapes, different cultures and how other people spend their time. As a result, it humbles you. In a lot of cases, it makes you realize how lucky we are and makes you weed out the problems that aren’t really problems. I’ve decided to pursue a career that helps bring awareness to causes and situations that need it. Traveling to Asia was another step progressing me towards that career and a tremendous learning experience. I traveled to seven countries over four months and brought home many new perspectives, memories and wisdom…. along with thousands of photos, enjoy!” –Jes Stockhausen


Jes is about to embark on another adventure. Check out his WEBSITE and follow him on INSTAGRAM to travel along with him.

Connor Sanner

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Connor Sanner is the Brand Strategist at Movetic. His expertise lies with crafting creative strategies and campaigns to move brands forward. In his free-time he enjoys finding new music, traveling, and the great outdoors.

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