May 19, 2014

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Brand Preview: Inside the Athletic Grind (ITAG)

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Kicking off our studio with a bang!


As many of you know, Movetic was founded over three months ago and so far we have had a blast working with a wide range of clients.


This week we would like to feature one company in particular that set out to encourage self-development, inspire athletes of all levels, and to embrace the grind we live by.


We are excited to present Inside the Athletic Grind.




Here at Movetic, we worked with the ITAG team to create an online sports media brand geared towards guiding aspiring athletes and entrepreneurs on their path to greatness.


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“Igniting the Future of Athletes. Get on your Grind, by getting on ours.”


Inside the Athletic Grind is determined to motivate all athletes worldwide and entrepreneurs through their interviews with pro athletes, perspectives from biochemists, aspiring “grinders”, and retired athletes. The articles are segmented in five different sub brands that all sum up the lifecycle of an athlete: Mind Set, Science, Grinding Times, Post Game, & Hall of Fame.


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On behalf of Movetic, we want to thank ITAG for being a great team to work and collaborate with!. We wish you the best of luck and we are always here to help you out!




Closing thoughts, as Inside the Athletic Grind says “ (We encourage you to) experience the passion, struggle, and soul they poured into each endeavor, and let it guide you to your own measure of greatness. Now is your turn in the spotlight. Get on your grind by getting on ours.”


If you know of anyone who has an idea and needs assistance taking his or her idea to the next level feel free to get in touch.

Josh Roush

AUTHOR - Josh Roush

Josh Roush is a Co-founder of Movetic, where his expertise lies in brand strategy and digital marketing. He writes about branding, marketing, and company culture as it relates to pushing the limit in the new digital age.

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