May 31, 2017

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Inspiring Creative Leaders to Follow

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Creative inspiration is literally all around us. Lots of us get inspired while hiking – when you’re surrounded by nature’s sounds and vivid colors. Or there’s those of us who find inspiration on the daily walks to and from work – whether it’s in the people they see in passing, the architecture of the skyscrapers, or the graffiti on the walls. But these days – with technology and social media – you can get your creative wheels turning without even leaving your house.  


Just last month, Instagram reached 700 MILLION monthly users. Which means, you can basically creep around different creatives’ IG feeds for days. To save you from getting cabin fever as you snoop around for inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Instagram accounts – full of designers, creators, photographers, and beyond.

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Master calligrapher, Sebastian Lester, posts videos that are so satisfying to watch that it’s almost like meditation. And it’s pretty much just Seb drawing words in the most flawless and beautiful way. We dare you to only watch one.


Theron Humphrey is – by far – one of my all-time favorite photographers to follow on IG. He travels all over the states (he’s been to all 50 of them) and along the way, Humphrey met his BFF, Maddie, an adorable Coonhound. The majority of his photos have Maddie in them – whether she’s relaxing on a hammock, exploring the woods of Middle America or canoeing across foggy lakes. Maddie and her dog-dad have a pretty rad life together.

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An illustrator, hand letterer, and a teacher of skills, Lauren Hom is quite the trifecta. Not only does she create extremely beautiful letters, but she teaches classes on hand lettering techniques.

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Portland-based Sam Larson uses Oregon’s nature to inspire his photography and illustrations. He switches up between watercolor and ink, but the results are always magic. And he throws in some of his photography, like a moose or the Oregon coast.

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Andrea Wan was born in Hong Kong, raised in Vancouver and now, she lives in Berlin – so Andrea’s worldly influences show through her unique visuals. Her art often express her thoughts and experiences with extremely surreal qualities – such as a woman with hands on the ends of her braided hair. Andrea is a rad visual artist.


For all of you who love to admire the hustle and chaos of big cities, Sam Horine is for you. He’s a NYC-based photographer and although Sam Horin is based in the city, it seems he’s always traveling so his photos have a wide variety. I love how some of his photos have warmer tones and others favor the cool tones. Trust me, you’ll be googly-eyed over this IG account.

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Mike Kus is a UK-based web & graphic designer, who also happens to take phenomenal photos. I haven’t seen anyone who captures the charm of the UK better than this guy. Mike Kus captures breathtaking images of architecture, nature, and people.

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Simone Bramante often uses people as an accessory to his photos with stunning backgrounds of architecture and nature as he travels from place to place. Bramante also founded another account, @whatitalyis that is a gorgeous feed of places all around Italy.

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Sometimes, artists can take their work too seriously. But film photographer, Amber Asaly, knows how to mix work and play. Amber shoots for Galore Magazine but has had clients such as Vans, Paper Mag, Nasty Gal, Benny Gold and more. But she will always keep you entertained with outrageous videos, hilarious captions, and ever-changing hair colors. And she has an odd little dog named Mishka, who’s pretty adorable.


Stefan Sagmeister is an Austrian designer, who’s currently working in NYC. If you’ve seen The Happy Film, you’ll recognize Sagmeister. In the film, he tries to redesign his personality to become a happier person. But he’s also an amazing designer with an extremely creative mind – as you’ll see on his IG feed.


Rupert Aquino’s IG feed is full of portraits that are so raw and dreamy that you could get lost in his feed all day. My favorite part about his portrait photography is that there isn’t a setting or background that looks the same for each of his subjects. And he’ll throw in a landscape photo here and there which are equally impressive. He also has a IG account for his film photos, @thetaquinofilm.

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RVICE said Alexa Meade takes a “radical approach to portraiture…Transforming 3D reality into 2D abstraction.” Alexa Meade has invented a technique to paint a 3D space to make it look like a painting behind the lens. We’ve never seen anything like it. If you want some behind-the-scenes action, here’s a video of Alexa Meade.

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Similar to @thiswildidea, Andrew Knapp explores the world with his border collie, Momo. A few years back, Knapp took a Where’s Waldo?/hide-and-seek approach to his photos by positioning Momo in hard-to-find places – like peeking out of a window or sticking out from a flower field. It became a popular little game for his followers and led to Knapp creating THREE different Find Momo books. These days, Momo and Knapp are still adventuring around in their bright yellow Westfalia camper van.

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Zaria Forman was influenced by her mother’s fine art photography of the world’s most remote landscapes. It inspired Zaria to become an artist whose drawings convey the urgency of climate change in the most breathtaking way. Her drawings have led Zaria to participate in Banksy’s Dismaland, an Antarctica residency aboard National Geographic Explorer, flew over Antarctica with NASA’s Operation Icebridge and again this year in Greenland, and much more. Her photography and art is something that needs to be seen. (All info from her website).

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Have you ever seen any type of art and thought to yourself, “How did they do that?!” Well, that’s Casey McPerry. He’s a cinematographer, photographer and is creative as hell – with his roots in action sports, allowing him to pretty much live on a tour bus and travel the world.


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While making this list, we kept going back to Melbourne-based photographer, Elles. She has such an eye for photography and her creativity is what makes her stand out. She plays with lighting and props and the results are pretty mind-blowing.

If you have any other suggestions for creatives to follow in Instagram, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Mandi Dudek

AUTHOR - Mandi Dudek

Mandi is head copywriter for Movetic as well as a guest blogger and film photographer who writes about fashion, photography, and the adventures she experiences behind her lens.

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