March 23, 2017

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9 Podcasts to Fuel Your Creative mind

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know by now that podcasts are all the rage right now. And for a good reason, too. No matter what, there’s a podcast that’s suitable for every type of person – and the majority of the them are free. I know some of you out there are rolling your eyes because you might think podcasts are similar to listening to a lecture in a college course. But get that mindset out of here. When you get hooked on the right podcasts, they can be hilarious, entertaining and educational.  


No matter how busy your schedule is, there’s always time to allow your brain to go on autopilot and soak in some knowledge. Sometimes, we get caught in the daily struggles of life that we detain our creativity. So, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best podcasts to awaken your creative soul and give your brain a little lovin’. And no – you don’t have to be a designer or a creative to get into these podcasts. But it’s time to feed that right side of your brain!


This podcast includes over 600 interviews with a wide range of creatives that are all over the spectrum. Some you wouldn’t expect – like ex-cons, graffiti artists, bank robbers, and happiness researchers – but they all tell personal, thought-provoking and inspirational stories that will get you out of your creative rut.


It’s hosted by Andy Mangold, Dan Auer, and Matt McInerney as they “think out loud about design”, exploring topics from copywriting to branding to random topics like Kanye, Mobb Deep, and Minecraft. You’ll never be bored with this podcast.


There’s no limit to what these guys talk about. Hosted by Mike Monteiro, Liam Campell, and Steph Monette, they discuss everything from small businesses, design, the importance of content calendars and go on rants about “the dumb things people say.” They also bring in guest creatives to pick their brains about what inspires their creativity.


This one is for all you architecture lovers who want to explore the unseen aspects behind architecture, design, and activity in this crazy world. It’s a podcast for those who have random questions some of us weirdos want answers for. The website says, “Ever wonder how inflatable men came to be regular fixtures at used car lots? Curious about the origin of the fortune cookie? Want to know why Sigmund Freud opted for a couch over an armchair?” Well, find out those answers with this podcast.


Want to thrive in life? Then, this is the podcast for you. It’s full of tips and tricks (plus interviews with some of the top-thinkers!), and the host, Todd Henry, gives you all the tools to become inspired and build everyday practices to help you succeed with a healthy mind.


Design Matters is the first-ever podcast about design and it dives deep into everything you’d want to know from several different career fields. It features hours and hours of thought-provoking discussions with the industry-leading artists, designers, writers, musicians, creative leaders, and more.


The always-entertaining morning talk show, Adventures In Design, talks with a bunch of creatives that range from all levels. There’s over 400 episodes of educational stories, tips, and interviews that’ll inspire you to create your own adventures in design.


Every episode features a different guest as Brian Koppelman learns about the pivotal ‘moment’ that creativity has shaped their career path. The guests include writers, musicians, artists, designers, comedians, filmmakers, and more as they share everything you’d want to know about how they got to where they are now.


This one is my favorite ones on the list as it dissects songs and gives you a behind-the-scenes listen on how some of your favorite songs are created. Artists break down their tracks to the point where you’ll never listen to music the same again. Some of the artists that have been on Song Exploder include Metallica, Solange, Dirty Projectors, Odesza, Grimes, Iggy Pop, The Lumineers, Chet Faker, Joey Bada$$, Sylvan Esso, Spoon, Tycho, and SO MANY MORE.

If you have any other creative podcasts that you love, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Mandi Dudek

AUTHOR - Mandi Dudek

Mandi is head copywriter for Movetic as well as a guest blogger and film photographer who writes about fashion, photography, and the adventures she experiences behind her lens.

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