December 11, 2017

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Stay Groovin'



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So, normally, our Stay Groovin’ playlist features new songs that aren’t your typical Top 40 hits that’ll get you through your work week. But this week, we’re feeling a little nostalgic. We decided to do a throwback version of Stay Groovin’ with nearly 10x the songs. Some will bring you to that awkward middle school dance and some are as new as a few years ago. So let LCD Soundsystem, N.E.R.D, Amy Winehouse and many, many others take you on a stroll down memory lane.


Don’t forget to hit “follow” directly on Spotify so you don’t miss out on new music each week (find the Stay Groovin’ playlist by clicking here). And all of the songs from past weeks will be in our Stay Groovin’ Reserve playlist, which you can find here. Enjoy!


Mandi Dudek

AUTHOR - Mandi Dudek

Mandi is head copywriter for Movetic as well as a guest blogger and film photographer who writes about fashion, photography, and the adventures she experiences behind her lens.

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