July 28, 2017

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Here we are, at the end of our work week and reaching the end of another month. But, there’s plenty of summer left and we’re definitely ready to start the weekend. What better way to kickstart your weekend with some fresh new music?


We’re back with another round of our Stay Groovin’ playlist. If you’re just tuning in, here’s the deal. Every Friday, we will post a playlist – right here on the blog – that’ll be the soundtrack to your weekend. And it won’t be the Top 40 hits that you hear on the radio. Our goal with our Stay Groovin’ playlist is for you to discover new music that should absolutely be in your life.


So, wherever you are, get your Friday started with this week’s Stay Groovin’ playlist. Don’t forget to hit “follow” so you don’t miss out on new music each week (find the Stay Groovin’ playlist by clicking here). And all of the songs from past weeks will be in our Stay Groovin’ Reserve playlist, which you can find here. Enjoy!


Mandi Dudek

AUTHOR - Mandi Dudek

Mandi is head copywriter for Movetic as well as a guest blogger and film photographer who writes about fashion, photography, and the adventures she experiences behind her lens.

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