Jes Stockhausen is a photographer from Pittsburgh, PA currently living in San Clemente, CA and also a very good friend of ours. Jes has been taking unbelievable photos and video from a very young age and increasingly excelling at it. When he came to us to help create his brand and establish a compelling online story and presence we were stoked for the opportunity to say the least. This project was long overdue.


The challenge presented to us was to develop branding that encompassed Jes’s outlook on life and photography in one simple mark. He also wanted a logo that could work well as a watermark laid over his photography. Then, we had to design and develop a website that, first and foremost, showed off Jes’s stunning photography in amazing size and detail. Part of the strategy would also be to help Jes organize the tens of thousands of photos that he takes a month into projects for his portfolio, which would be no easy task. Jes also had a concept in mind in which he chronicles his adventures around the world into a blog called “The Road Journal.” How could we make this concept come to life by creating an engaging experience in which the audience would constantly come back for more?


After concept after concept, we eventually ended up with a mark that we believe explains Jes’s lifestyle effectually and beautifully. The logo mark is symmetrical, geometric and futuristic, giving you a feeling of excitement for the unknown. The mark represents how Jes has no idea where the road is going to take him next, but wherever it is, it’s going to be beautiful and he will have his camera in hand to document it.


The website that we designed uses Jes’s photography as the main centerpiece with bold, clean typography to complement it. There isn’t much color involved in the site for a reason. The white background and muted charcoal grey accents let the photos do the painting. The design of the website is only the canvas. We gave “The Road Journal” life by developing an interactive map that visually marks Jes’s experiences around the globe. Each mark links to an elaborate story told through words and photos. The site also tells his personal story and includes a portfolio of Jes’s best work. Jes’s personality and lifestyle is now an established brand for the world to experience and we cant wait to see where Jes takes us next.