April 18, 2015

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Is your website ready for the new Google Update, Mobilegeddon?

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The power house Google is about to strike again. According to a recent article written by MOZ, each year Google changes their search algorithm around 500-600 times and every so often they release a “MAJOR” update — the last ones were called Panda & Penguin. Many SEO experts or digital strategists will keep you informed with the tiny updates, but this one especially is worth noting.


When “MAJOR” updates roll out, they have the ability to drastically shift the current position of your existing Google Search ranking, forcing your current spot position to either go up or down in the search results. This update called “Mobilegeddon” will only affect mobile google searches, not desktop or tablet. Thus, abiding by Google’s Guidelines is a must for ensuring your online position. So, as a reminder, this coming Tuesday, April 21st Google is releasing an update that will affect websites that are not currently “MOBILE FRIENDLY”.


Not to worry, this article will provide you with the tool to test the status of your current website, provide you with the best solution for your website and illustrate 5 key benefits of having a Responsive Design website.


If you are a business owner or are currently working in the marketing department for a company, I highly recommend you test your website to make sure it is “MOBILE FRIENDLY”. As mentioned above, Google is scheduled to roll out the new update starting on the 21st, so I would definitely check it out. Below you will see a picture of the two outcomes when you test your website to see if it passes or fails. Feel free to run your test with the free tool HERE, provided by Google.


If your current website is not “Mobile Friendly” your best solution is to invest in Responsive Design. For starters, Responsive Design is only a couple years old and has plenty of legs to live. At the end of 2012, Mashable named 2013 the year of Responsive Design in this article due to the emergence of tablets and smartphones starting to take center stage for content consumption. In simple terms, Responsive Design means that your website is optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile. Please see below for an example of a website that we designed and developed for a client in the Responsive Design format. So if your website is not currently “mobile friendly” I would strongly encourage your company to invest in this format. All the experts rave over Responsive Design, but to save you time I highlighted the top 5 Reasons why Responsive Design is the #1 website format.  


1. Google’s #1 Recommended Design Format

Hopefully that should be enough to convince you. From a technical point of view this solution helps Google accurately index websites which makes their life easier.


2. Website Visitors Appreciate it & Demand Consistency

Think about this: Have you ever gone to a website where the font or buttons seem too small forcing you to squeeze your cell phone screen to make the screen larger just to reach a link? Well that is because that website is outdated and was not created in a Responsive Design framework. Designers and developers worldwide have one main job: make a simple and beautiful user experience that aids the customers experience and doesn’t complicate it.


3. Cost Effective & Will Save you Money

Who doesn’t want that? Building a website that is responsive will save you money, time and energy. Instead of building two websites (desktop version and mobile version) you only have to focus on creating one. As mentioned above, Responsive Design, accommodates for the three key formats. (desktop, tablet and mobile) Investing in the Responsive Design Format will not only save you money longterm, but will guarantee your customers a positive experience which turns into profits.


4. Save Time on Site Maintenance

As many can attest time is money and the best part about having a Responsive Website is that you only have make your edits once and it will accommodate for all the formats. 


5. Being Set up for the Future – Mobile Friendly

It comes at no surprise that mobile usage is rapidly increasing and is even predicted that by 2017 there will be 5 Billion smart phone users worldwide, which this solution accommodates for it.


By staying current with Digital Marketing, Branding, and Design our focus is to provide our network with the latest news and insights to further aid in the success of your business. If you have any questions about your current website, the new Google update, or interested in the process of getting started on a new project, feel free to reach out to us here

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Josh Roush is a Co-founder of Movetic, where his expertise lies in brand strategy and digital marketing. He writes about branding, marketing, and company culture as it relates to pushing the limit in the new digital age.

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