March 21, 2014

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As many of you know or have learned, the age of Yelling & Selling is long gone. There is a shift now in marketing towards telling a compelling story and humanizing all brands on an emotional level.


Before I get started, here is a cool fact:

Everyday, on average, we get exposed to 3,ooo advertisements a day.


So, how do we as people, or brands break through the clutter?


Here are three gold rules I always live by:


Develop a Dialogue

Strong and successful brands have changed their persona online. They have shifted from “our brand does x, y, & z” to a more a personal tone like “you rock, and you will even rock more when we hook you up with 30% of our jeans for Cyber Monday.” That may seem unprofessional to some, but the truth is, that second sentence works. It is relatable and fun! Therefore, before you start, make certain to develop a tone, voice, and strategy with your articles.


Introduce a Story

We all grew up reading novels, listening to stories from family, and enjoying fun conversations. The best brands develop a compelling story which hooks the reader, just like the books you used to read when you were ten years old. From my opinion, everyone has a great story to tell it is just a matter of making it cohesive, relatable, and interesting so people will pick it up and enjoy it.


Add Value

This is probably the most important part of anything you write. Put yourself in the shoes of the reader and ask yourself these questions after you start creating an article, blog, etc.


  • What will they get from this article?
  • Will they want to tell their friend about it?
  • Have they seen this before?


If you think your content has value, then fire away. It’s now your turn to tune into your favorite music station and start typing away.


Lastly, have fun when you write and don’t forget to develop a dialogue, create a story, and add value.


Thanks for taking the time to hear me out! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Josh Roush

AUTHOR - Josh Roush

Josh Roush is a Co-founder of Movetic, where his expertise lies in brand strategy and digital marketing. He writes about branding, marketing, and company culture as it relates to pushing the limit in the new digital age.

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