October 16, 2015

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Avoid These 3 Digital Marketing Pitfalls

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Earlier this year, Yichen joined Movetic as the Director of Digital Strategy. Prior to Movetic, he worked for a full service digital agency where he first became proficient in organic search before moving onto managing paid media spends for small, medium and fortune 100 clients. His clients included MasterCard, Competitor Group, Aria Resort & Casino, David Yurman and National Pens. Today, we were able to sit down with Yichen to hear from his point of the view the three biggest pitfalls in digital marketing today. 


#1 Set it and Forget it, PPC

Too often I hear from clients “why do I need someone to run my PPC campaigns, can’t Google set these up for free?” The most important step of a paid search campaign is the structure and set-up. Most times Google will exploit match types to benefit their own agenda, leaving the advertiser with a less than optimized campaign.


Depending on the budget, PPC campaigns should begin with a strict set of match type rules. Try starting of with BMM (broad match modifier) or phrase match and don’t forget your negatives.


#2 Neglecting Organic Search

SEO is not dead, actually it is more important than ever and increasingly difficult to master. Typically 60-80% of a brand’s online traffic comes from organic search. SEO is not about links, nor is it about keywords. It is about two things, accessibility and providing information. At the heart of search is a user looking for either a product/service or information. It is then the brand’s responsibility to fulfill that need. Provide the information and the consumers will follow.


Begin your SEO strategy with the consumer in mind. What information might they be interested in? What questions might a sales person help answer that could be answered on the website? These questions will help guide a brand’s content strategy and increase organic traffic over time.


#3 Frugal Website Development

For some reason unbeknownst, clients will spend hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on email lists, T.V. spots, billboards and radio ads without properly investing in their website. When brands are in the awareness phase of marketing, they may have great campaigns to generate awareness and create interest in their brands, but when consumers find them online, their websites are frustrating and fail to generate the desired actions.


The website is often the first touch point between a consumer and a brand and first impressions can make or break a relationship. A well crafted website will introduce the consumer to the personality of the brand and educate them on any questions they may have.


I joined Movetic because I believe that if great marketing isn’t married to great branding, then it all too easily becomes noise. What we want to accomplish is to help brands with their story and to push that story to the masses.

Yichen Liu

AUTHOR - Yichen Liu

Yichen Liu is Partner and Executive Director of Digital Strategy at Movetic. His experience in and passion for all things digital help elevate brands to the next level. In his spare time he enjoys shooting on his Nikon F1, exploring new places and hanging out with his American Bulldogs Chance and Abbey.

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