March 14, 2017

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Out Of Office // Vol. 1: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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Welcome to the first installation of our new online mini-series, Out of Office. We’re a highly fast paced and mobile company, sometimes having to work while on the run. Instead of shying away from the idea of working remotely, we fully embrace the adventure and use it to our advantage. It’s a new age, where business can highly function with only a laptop and some wifi, while also exploring inspiring new neighborhoods. That is where the Out of Office concept was born. 


This first edit was filmed on an unusually beautiful March day while adventuring around Williamsburg in Brooklyn. We ran into ton of awesome views, street art and friendly people. We also stopped at 2 amazing cafes, Black Brick and Devocion. Both encompassing an incredible ambiance and wifi to match. Check out the short video cut and stay tuned for more in the future! Stay Moving

AUTHOR - Andrew DiPaolo

Andrew is the Co-founder and Executive Creative Director at Movetic. He’s passionate about all things art and design, as well as a photography and skating enthusiast.

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